The examples are based on the polls example from the Django Project web site. There are two flavors of this example:

  1. Under Django version 1.11 in the directory examples/django-1.11
  2. Under Django version 2.0 in the directory examples/django-2.0

See the Examples Directory on GitHub.

The examples for both versions of Django behaviour similarly: there are Makefile targets to:

  • init initialize a local SQLite database for the application (should be the first target executed, if experimenting.
  • runserver to run a local server
  • General utility targets for YAMLCONF: yclist, ycexplain and ycsysfiles.

An example of the usage of YAMLCONF, would be, e.g., in a production environment, switching to a PostgreSQL database via the creation of a mysite.yaml file (would need to explicitly install the psycopg2-binary module):

    ENGINE: django.db.backends.postgresql_psycopg2
    NAME: mysite
    USER: mysite
    PASSWORD: my-password
    HOST: localhost
    PORT: ''